Amadria Park Hotel Milenij

Amadria Park Hotel Milenij



An Opatija Icon

Would you rather settle for the luxury of five stars on a combined business and leisure trip? In the Habsburg tradition, our iconic Amadria Park Milenij in Opatija’s centre, with its perfectly manicured garden and seafront setting, promises you exactly that. We invite you to enjoy these classical, picturesque surrounds.


A landmark hotel

Our landmark 96-room capacity hotel provides a sense of tranquility and grandeur. You’ll sense the royal influence in our luxurious rooms and suites. Discover how the view of Opatija’s most famous statue gazing out to sea – the Girl with the Seagull – makes your stay here, filled with memories of the Adriatic.


Grand tradition in hospitality

With our grand tradition in hospitality, Milenij’s Wagner Caffe and Argonauti restaurant are long-time favourites amongst locals and socialites. Now it’s your turn to be seen on the most visited terrace in Opatija. Lose yourself in magnificent, uninterrupted views across the Kvarner Bay.


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