Pizzeria Spagheteria Roko

Bread oven pizzas, homemade pastas, risottos and homemade sweets

Pizzeria Spagheteria Roko

This small and traditionally decorated restaurant resembles the rustic ambience of Italy’s south, the place where pizza was born. Pizza is here the main dish, but the restaurant is also famous for its homemade pasta and risotto as well as desserts from own production.
Since Italy’s tradition is connected to the tradition of Opatija, one of Pizzeria Roko’s most popular dishes was named “Pizza Valium”, in honor of the famous chemist Leo Sternbach who spent his childhood in the house where the pizzeria operates today.

Specialities: Prawn and mushroom filled green ravioli, seafood risotto (mussels, clams, squid, whole Adriatic prawns), monkfish with „fuži“ (traditional homemade pasta) in Istrian Malvasia wine.

2024. Opatija Város Idegenforgalmi Közössége . Minden jog fentartva.

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