The tradition of this region relies on a special bond with nature. Here, the sea and the mountain were the "fields" that fed generations with their fruit and provided them with shelter and everything required for a demanding, but beautiful life. If you really want to get to know Opatija, you have to experience its history...

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How did the inhabitants of Opatija live a hundred years ago and more? Without the luxury of modern technology, daily life was completely in tune with nature, its rhythm and dynamics. Locals were fed by the sea, which they conquered using the ships they built themselves, and the land they cultivated with their own tools, the houses they built and the clothes they made themselves...

These very inhabitants produced wine and brandy in their taverns, ground flour in the mills and weaved baskets for picking forest fruits and nets for catching fish. The area between the sea and the hinterland through the mountains was known for its dairy produce and the local women who made it.

Experience the close proximity to nature yourself: try your hand at basket weaving or knitting fishing nets and go scampi fishing with the fishermen, build a drywall using a method that has remained unchanged for centuries, try homemade brandy (rakija) distilled in a tavern, walk along the paths of the dairy-women - feel and experience the spirit of tradition in this region!

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