Ristorante Roko

L'arte di preparare prelibatezze nel rispetto della tradizione e della professione

Ristorante Roko

The tradition of Restaurant Roko, located next to the main street of Opatija, is almost a hundred years long. In the twenties of the last century the same building hosted a restaurant from which today’s Roko inherited the decoration, the offer and even the way of serving dishes. This is why the gastronomic experience of Restaurant Roko carries a special dimension of experience – grilled dishes, meat and fish specialties, pasta and risotto are prepared respecting the traditional cuisine of this region, but enriched with modern culinary achievements.

Specialities: Smoked Adriatic mussels in Istrian white vine with leek and cherry tomatoes, John Dory filet in Istrian white wine and caper sauce with pea puree, Churrasco steak.

11:00- 24:00