Chocolate Festival – Opatija becomes the sweetest destination in Croatia

During the three days dedicated to ‘Her Highness’ – chocolate – visitors to Opatija will enjoy superb delicacies from the best craft-chocolate manufacturers and a great entertainment programme for all generations!

From 10 to 12 November, a chocolate rhapsody will turn Opatija into a town for lovers of sweet treats. The 17th edition of the Chocolate Festival will present the finest chocolate delicacies by top Croatian and foreign chocolatiers and confectioners, as well as a variety of musical, culinary, entertainment and cultural programmes for all generations.

During Opatija’s three sweetest days, the focal point will be the ‘Chocolate Magic’ fair in the Gervais Centre, with an exclusive offer of imaginative chocolate specialities. This year, the festival also has a new location: the Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion. Currently a venue for art exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances, this pavilion will travel back in time to the period when it was a pastry shop, as a world-famous chocolate producer from Austria – Zotter Chocolate – will present its offer of chocolate delicacies there. In addition, visitors will have the unique opportunity to buy a special ‘Opatija-style’ Zotter chocolate.

Zotter chocolate will also be offered in the Gervais Centre during the ‘Pure Chocolate’ concert. Performed by the I Zefirelli ensemble, it is a complete work of art based on the combination of music and chocolate, accompanied by a play of colours reflecting the character of the musical piece. During the concert, each movement will be accompanied by selected chocolate treats, creating a unique experience of the highest order.

Opatija is also proud of its own chocolate production: the best introduction to this year’s Chocolate Festival will be given by Amadria Park Hotels in its special attraction for chocolate and dessert lovers: Milenij Choco World. This venue, where the most tempting delicacies, such as cakes, cookies, biscuits, pralines with thirty types of fillings and chocolates of various flavours, are hand-made, will host tastings from 10 November until 31 December. Apart from the indulgence of chocolate tasting, Milenij Choco World will offer children and adults the opportunity to express themselves creatively, by drawing with chocolate or shaping it into sculptures. In addition, a unique ‘anti-stress’ experience will be breaking and then tasting freshly prepared large chocolate bars.

Chocolate will also be found not only on the menus of Opatija restaurants and cafés, but will also be an important ingredient of the wellness & spa offer during the Opatija chocolate weekend. In addition to culinary delights, visitors can look forward to a varied music programme, as well as numerous workshops, lectures, concerts and exhibitions, catering for all tastes. The Chocolate Festival is one of Opatija’s most eagerly anticipated events, as the town and chocolate have been inextricably linked for seventeen years. This sweet event is also an attractive prelude to December’s lavish Advent programme.