Wedding in Opatija

If you are looking for a perfect wedding then choose Opatija, a town addressed with a title of one of the most romantic destinations in all of Europe.

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The story on weddings in beautiful Opatija is a story about real romantic destination. Rich in history and architectural beauty, it remains deeply in one’s memory.

Tourist traditions of Opatija date back to the 19th century, emerging as health resort for Austro-Hungarian aristocracy.

From that time on, it has developed to a favourite destination of imperial and royal nobility, artists and intellectuals from all over the Europe, who coming here enjoy the beauty and peace at the foot of the slopes of Mount Učka as well as magnificence of Mediterranean vegetation.

Splendid, elegant and luxurious ballrooms, enchanting villas all along the most beautiful promenade in Europe with a nice view of a blue sea water, all these took away the breath of the newlyweds who decide to get married in this oasis of endless beauty.

Quite a number of celebrities already experienced the love graces in Opatija. And as in past times so even now every corner becomes imbued with romantic spirit.

The secrets of many newlyweds who chose Opatija are preserved in its Lungomare waterfront promenade, villa gardens, paths all through the parks, limpid sea water that eavesdrop gentle words of love. They all keep secrets and promises and welcome lovesick ones as well as those taking a vow to each other within this adorable environment.

Meet with your story, too! Since, is there anything more beautiful and more solemn than to set up your first mutual steps in Opatija - the Queen of Adriatic ?

Choosing anyone of unforgettable terraces in Opatija as a place for a ceremony or a gala dinner, the enjoyment is going to be unique and unforgettable both to you and your guests.

There are no more beautiful scenery than those one comprising beautiful parks with plenty of fragrant flowers and lush greenery, harmonious landscape architecture, villas and hotels surrounded by charming promenades and seawater waves.

The rich history of Opatija, famous people, beautiful parks and promenades, interesting stories about Angiolina, Isadora, Argonauts, Sissy, Lungomare, camellia flower, laurel… there are so many interesting topics that can inspire your imagination and weave into your unforgettable wedding.

Weddings in Opatija are the weddings to be remembered: in high spirit, special, different, and to say in brief, unique ones.