Opatija has always offered a variety of cultural programmes, and the best way to acquaint yourself with its culture is a walk around the town. The Swiss House, Juraj Šporer Art Pavilion and Villa Angiolina are waiting for you to discover their interesting story.

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Opatija – The Imperial Town is an event that will take you back in time to the most glamorous period of Opatija’s history. You’ll see Viennese pastry shops, horse carriages, noble ladies and gentlemen, and the Emperor himself and his entourage. Famous events and figures from the past will enliven these special moments of Opatija’s history.

RetrOpatija is a musical time machine in which swing, rockabilly, rock, jazz and electric disco music merge together to create a fantastic party dedicated to the key decades and musical styles of the twentieth century. This retro festival brings together excellent Croatian and foreign musicians, pin-up models, dancers, jugglers, street musicians, makeup artists and hair stylists, and presents vintage cars and motorcycles, such as Vespas, Tomos and Fiats. Dance at the hot ‘party of the century’ beneath a large disco ball together with thousands of other visitors.

The Liburnia Jazz Festival is one of the most popular jazz festivals in Croatia and the whole region. This is attested to by the packed festival programme and increasing number of visitors each year. The first weekend in July is reserved for jazz: this is the time when the heart of Opatija beats to the rhythm of jazz. Excellent music and fantastic energy can be heard and felt on the town’s terraces, in its parks and on its beaches.

Carnival and the Balinjerada are the pride of Opatija. The traditional Balinjerada soapbox race down the town’s main street is open to all those who want to have great fun and feel a rush of adrenaline. Carnival in Opatija is always a very special experience.