Valle Losca

Rustikale Version der nordadriatischen Küche

Valle Losca

The authenticity and quality of the ingredients in the kitchen are the basic postulates that guide the chefs of Valle Losca.The restaurant is situated at the very beginning of the mainstreet winding through Volosko.The location has a fifty years long restaurant tradition andexudes the Mediterranean, and such is the offer of dishesbased on the combination of rustic and coastal gastronomic stories, whereby much of the ingredients and spices found on the plates come from their own production.With a pleasant atmosphere of a small seaside tavern and just a slightly larger terrace overlooking the sea and Volosko’sroofs, Valle Losca offers all the ingredients you need for agood gastronomic experience.

Specialities: The offer of the day depends on available and seasonal ingredients.

Uto/Tue - Sub/Sat 17:00 - 23:00 Ned/Sun 12:00 - 18:00