Humans have been present in the area of Učka and the Opatija Riviera for thousands of years and have left an indelible cultural and historical mark, which is carved in the stone of medieval cities, on the facades of Opatija's villas of Art Nouveau architecture, in the exhibits of the Croatian Museum of Tourism and ethno collections, as well as among the works of contemporary artists from the Volosko ateliers.

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Every season in Opatija brings its own excitement - winter is marked by the romantic Advent and a joyful and relaxed Carnival, while spring brings gastronomy and wellness & spa programs such as Walk, Art & Wine Volosko. During this season, you can also look forward to historical and cultural spectacles, including the Medieval Veprinac program and the "Markova" celebration of the Veprinac patron saint St. Mark in the medieval town of the same name - Veprinac.

Summer brings numerous concerts to the Open Air Summer Stage, one of the most beautiful open-air scenes in the Mediterranean, enriched by the popular Liburnia Jazz Festival, RetrOpatija and Imperial City (Carski grad). The cultural aura of Volosko and Veprinac is also displayed in its full glory by the legendary "ex tempore" artistic event Mandrać and the evenings with "klape" vocal groups in Veprinac. Autumn is dedicated to local products and experiences with the Marunada festival and the Učka Fair.

Pick your season, get to know Opatija's rich history and culture, and experience the best it has to offer!

The location of Opatija between the sea and the mountain has indelibly marked its gastronomy, which, thanks to the combination of continental and Mediterranean foods and culinary traditions, has created a unique story of taste based on “connecting the incompatible.” Seafood and forest fruits, innovation and tradition, indigenous fresh foods and internationally renowned chefs have elevated the local gastronomic scene to among the most exciting in Croatia.

Kvarner scampi, asparagus, truffles, succulent Lovran cherries or sweet chestnuts known as “maruni”, accompanied by excellent wines and olive oils... Each dish deserves a special chapter in this story, which will keep you in sweet suspense until you try the last dish on the menu.

The importance of local varieties of produce for superior culinary creations is reflected by the numerous Feel & Taste events that take place throughout the year, depending on the season. Set aside spring for events such as Asparagus and WineWalk, Art & Wine Volosko and the Gourmet Story Opatija Riviera. In summer, taste the perfect wines that have aged at the bottom of Ika Bay during the ”Vino i Vruja” event (Wine and the Underwater Wellspring), while in autumn taste maruni prepared in many ways at the Marunada before enjoying the Chocolate Festival in winter.

Explore top-notch restaurants, authentic seafood taverns, traditional pubs "oštarije" and coffee shops with unrivalled desserts, visit the Feel & Taste events, enjoy flavour perfection - feel and taste Opatija!