Waldweg Carmen Sylva

Take a walk along the historical forest promenade which was one of favourite paths of Romanian King Karol and Queen Elisabeth, also know by pen name Carmen Sylva.

90 min

The Carmen Sylva Forest Promenade gives you the opportunity to experience Opatija from a new perspective and admire fantastic views of the Riviera and Kvarner Bay from an oasis of green. For more than a hundred years, strollers have remained fascinated by the beauty of the town’s green hinterland – from kings, queens and other royals who came here in search of peace and relaxation, to activity holiday enthusiasts who love this route that connects Opatija’s ‘green’ and ‘blue’ promenades.
Named after the pen name of Queen Elisabeth of  Romania, the wife of King Carol, the person responsible for the construction of the path at the end of the 19th century, the Carmen Sylva Forest Promenade is a true gem hidden beneath the thick treetops of the forest in the hinterland of Opatija. Besides the opportunity to enjoy Opatija’s ‘sea of greenery’, this one-and-half-hour walk also reveals interesting places, such as the Vrutki water source, where local women once gathered to do their laundry, a bench carved from stone where Carmen Sylva found inspiration for her verses, and the Vela Fortica and Mala Fortica vantage points, which offer great views of the sea.

Länge: 5,4 km

Höhenunterschied: 141 m

Dauer: 90 min

Schwierigkeit: mittel-schwer